Ultimate Amazing Pocket Morty’s Guide Tips & Cheats Tricks

With the arrival of new Ricky and the Morty game which might find it out of practice and can’t give your best of capturing in battling. By following this pocket morty’s crafting guide, you can maximize your fun by defeating the other Ricks. Many people will exit to become the masters of Montymon. By following our guide, it will be beneficial to you at the time of trouble in the game. If you follow our article, then you will become the Pocket Morty’s master in no time. Let’s start it with the basics; then you can able to know the full information about the Pocket Morty crafting guide it is constructive for who are searching for the Pocket Morty tips.

Pocket Mortys Crafting Guide Tips and Tricks


The fight in the Pocket Morty is straightforward, and explanation is not needed. Some sure Mortys are strong, then the other Morty. In the Pocket Morty, there is a Rock-Paper-Scissors battle system.


First, you should use to recognize the action types of the Morty’s. Once you defeat the previous Morty, then you will be notified in advance about which Morty is coming for the battle, but in the early stage of the campaign and it’s hard to know which Morty is coming for the action in advance until you see the Morty. It will put you at some disadvantage.

When you are battling against the wild Morty’s, you can catch them instead of knocking them down. You can collect or buy or craft the Morty and use these bad boys to pick the some Morty’s.


When the health status is in the red Morty’s are guaranteed to pass, and if Morty’s health status is in the yellow, then there is a very high catch rate. But sometimes the chip blow up you and have to make the Morty find it. The catching Morty’s is fun which you should not try to catch at all the Morty’s until you have a taken all the six members of the council or ricks.

If you want the advantage between the Rick battle, then you have to catch the multiple Morty’s of the same type as early as possible in the game. In the Citadel of the Ricks, then there is a day care, particularly where you can combine the certain Morty’s. By combining the certain Morty’s, it will evolve in the Morty, and the power level will attack up. It should be done from the start of the game, and you have, the more advantage during the famous battles.


Pocket Morty Tips and Tricks

There are a lot of battles, and you can collect the badge whenever you transport the Rick and Morty to another dimension. Each size is randomly generated each time when you enter the site, and you will never have the idea of which wild Morty’s Ricks or Trainer’s which you will be going to face. Suppose if you want to avoid the battle Council of ricks until you are very strong, then it is better to learn the 50 badges. If you are successfully collecting more than 50 badges, then you have an advantage over Council of Ricks. If you wish to have the long experience with the game, then each battle of Council member Rick when it’s possible.


If you are earning the badges by defeating the Rick which located on the platform of each dimension. Sometimes it is easy for you to directly for to the Rick by beating his Morty and earn the badge. It is not always easy without facing the trainer’s before fighting the Rick of whatever dimension, it is transported is which Morty’s will become weaker, and there are no curing stations available outside the Citadel of Ricks. It is better to avoid any trainer’s battle which you find. It will save your health, time and items.


There are a lot of articles are available which will restore your HP, AP. There is also, an item which can revive a stunned Morty; it has increased the level of Morty’s and even knocks down the Morty in a blow. All these elements can be brought by the Salesman Rick Store which is located on Citadel of Ricks.


As you progress in the game, then you will earn more Schmeckles in the battle. Also, there is an option of watching an ad to receive the Schmeckles, but there are lots of more option is available to earn the Schmeckles in the game.


The other way to earn the items to find the loot box in the each dimension. Just like the battling ricks, loot tables can be easily obtained, or it will be tough. The loot boxes contain the Schmeckles, craft items, and essential items.


It’s hard to come over the loot boxes, but by completing the particular quest and wins the personal battle, then you will win these coupons. Chitz and Blips coupon will give you the access to Chitz and Blips vending machine, and it will make you the chance to get some unique item and Random Morty.



You will face many battles while playing pocket Morty game so it it better to be prepared for all before it starts.In all dimensions you will find the total items scattered all over the place and most of the items will be very useful at the time of battle.Pocket Morty’s has a crafting station which you can find in the Citadel of Ricks.Given below are the recipes of 30 items.







There will be Trainers,Ricks and Jerry’s  in the Citadel of Ricks that you ask to create certain things.Also there are 19 quests and by completing each quest you will be rewarded with some coins/badges.

There are almost 101 Morty’s to catch around.Once after you complete the game you will be given some wardrobe change and a Rick portal’s gun .With this gun you will be able to leave the dimensions without battling Ricks.

Useful Tips

  • Craft the items as soon as possible because you will never know when you will need to revive or heal the injured Morty.
  • Do not forget to treat your Morty’s. The healing your Morty after return, it will help you to conserve your items when you need them.
  • Just avoid the random battles unless when you are trying to level up your Moorty. It will help you to save the health and status item for the famous battles.
  • If you think that you accidentally knock out the Morty, then you want to catch and run away. The Morty will still be there, and it will regain the full health.
  • MeeSeeks boxes should not be wasted. It should be used during the harder battles for the guaranteed win.
  • If you were able to get, the more badges from Ricks, then the stronger Ricks from another dimension will become.
  • The Morty’s maximum level is 100, but it does not mean you not able to boost his status further. The Defense and Speed Mega Seeds and watch your Morty’s state rise to the insane level.
  • The Rick battles go way past over the 100 badges. If you want the Schmeckles, then it’s a quick way.

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