Pocket Morty Recipes – Crafting Recipes List

Hello friends, in this article we are going to share our ideas about Pocket Morty Recipes. It is a right platform which is searching for the Mortys Recipes; players use their Mortys to fight with the other Mortys. Many chips are also provided in this game. In the overworld wild the Morty is visible, which can be captured by the “Morty Manipulation Chip.” The name of the trainer is also visible and lead to fighting against their party and fight up to the 5 Morty.

When the player comes across the coach or Morty’s screen become the battle scene, and it displays the fighting Mortys. The player during the Fight can select the action for the Morty to use in the fight, the item can be utilized, switch their active Morty, or there are Wild Morty’s can try to fly. The Pocket Morty Recipes game is excellent for those who want to get entertained and who want to pass their boring time. Here you can know about the Pocket Morty Crafting and the total Pocket Morty’s game details. I hope this Pocket Morty article will help for those who are searching for the Pocket Morty Recipes.

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Pocket Morty Recipes – Crafting

In this paper, we will update the Pocket Morty guide, and I hope you will understand all my guide and the tricks or tips about the Pocket Morty game. In this match, Morty’s will have some points like Hit points which is also called an HP. If Hit point of the Morty is zero, then the Morty will get stunned and weak, and it also cannot fight the battle. Once the Morty revived, it will fight again. If the player Morty wins and the enemy Morty fall, then the player Morty will receive the certain number of experience points which is also known as EXP. If the Morty gets enough points, then it can go to the upper level. We will give the update information about Pocket Morty Recipes and the Crafting Pocket Morty. It is one of the best game for the Game lover. We have some Crafting Recipes in Pocket Morty.

The level of Morty is controlled by its physical properties like battle statistics and how many moves the Morty learned. The two Morty of the same type can be combined in the form of new Morty. This formation will affect the moves and the statistics which are learned by the Morty. The other essential thing in this game is catching the Morty while playing. The Pocket Morty is very comfortable with the Pocket Morty Recipes.

If the Morty is successfully caught, then it will come under the player and the player will become the owner of Morty. To control and to subdue is the impressive part of this game and finding the Morty. The Crafting system is also available in this game by which we can allow creating the new recipes by trial and error by mixing the items.

While playing this game, we will come to know that the nearby crafting station is situated directly outside the Council of the ricks building and sometimes they are found randomly in the alternate dimension when we are searching for the new Boss ricks. From all of these objects, you can craft some objects at each station, and they are essential for continuing in the game.

Pocket Morty Crafting

If you are playing this game for the first time, then you want to craft the new Morty manipulator chip. With the help of this, you can quickly collect the new wild Mortys. Using the only two base Mortys, you cannot go far in the game which you will get the start while chasing the Mysterious rick.

Pocket Morty Recipes

The Pocket Morty is a video game. The theme of the play is based on the Morty and Rick theme, and the Big Pixel Studios have developed this game. The game is free to play, and it has also been released for the both Android and iOS on January 13, 2016. The first screen is overworld. The second screen is the side view battle screen. The third screen is the menu interface in which the player is configuring their items and Mortys.

In this game, the player can use their Morty to fight with the other Morty. You can find the wild Mortys and they can be captured by the using the Morty Manipulation Chip. Once the player can encounter the Morty, then the screen switches to the turn based battle screen. Morty has also had an HP (Hit Point). When the Morty hit point is reduced to the zero, then the Morty can no longer battle until it is again revived. Suppose if the enemy Morty faints, then the player Morty receives some experience points. Once the Morty accumulates enough EXP, then the Morty goes to the next level. Catching the Morty is another essential element of the game play. While fighting with the wild Morty, the player may throw the Manipulation chip on it. Suppose the Morty is caught, then it will come under the ownership of the player. The primary, goal of this game is to collect the Mortys and up the level of Mortys and battle against the council of Ricks.

Pocket Morty Recipes List

Now we are going to share about the Pocket Morty Recipe list. We all know that that Pocket Morty Recipe game is callous for the new players.

Pocket Morty Recipes 1

Morty Manipualor Chip = The Morty Manipulator, can be crafted by the combination of supercharging battery, tin can, and the circuit board. After getting your fist badge, you can buy this stuff into the game. When you are trying to craft the manipulator chip, then you will face lots of difficulties since the supercharged battery is tough to find.

Healing/utility items = The higher level Mortys set up are beating you by your other Rick trainer while playing the game. You will need some healing and service items to heal you and to keep your fight longer. There are some useful recipes as crafting new antibody with the question you find for free is usually the better option than spending the all of your precious shackles.

Pocket Morty Recipes 2

Serum (Heals 20 HP)

For crafting serum just combine a Battery with a Fleeb.


Pocket Mortys Recipe 3

Great Serum (Heals 50 HP)

Combine a Battery with a purified Fleeb


Pocket Mortys Recipe 4

Sensational Serum (Heals 200 HP)

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Combine a Super charged battery with Serum.

Pocket Mortys Recipe 5

Pure Serum [Heals all health]

Combine a Super charged battery with Great Serum

pocket mortys 6

Pocket Morty Recipes 6

Plutonic Rock (Recovers half AP for all attacks)

Just combine a Battery with a Bacteria Cell


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Pocket Mortys Recipe 7

Pure Plutonic Rock (Restores full AP to all attacks)

Combine a Battery with a Mutant Bacteria Cell.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 8

Halzinger (Restores a dazed Morty to half heatlh)

Craft this recipe by combining a Battery,a Fleeb,and a Bacteria cell.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 9

Pure Halzinger (Restores a dazed Morty to full health)

Combine a Battery,a Purified fleeb and a Mutant Bacteria Cell.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 10

Level Up Mega Seed (Instantly increases any Morty’s level)

Combine a Attack Mega Seed,a Defense Mega Seed and a Speed Mega Seed.

when you craft this recipe you can use Level up Mega seed on your best Morty to make that Morty stronger.you can also save them for a diffeent approach in the game.Egg morty is useless but he hatches into the unstoppable.One true Morty at level 20 and levelling him normally in combat is a serious chore.

pocket morty recipes 10

Pocket Morty Recipe 11

Normal Battery

Combine the Tin Can,Cable and Fleeb and it is over.

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Pocket Morty Recipe 12

Supercharged Battery

Combine the Battery and Turbulent juice tube.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 13

Microverse Battery

Combine a Supercharged battery with a Motherboard and a Dark Matter Ball.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 14

Purified Fleeb

Combine a Fleeb with a Turbulent Juice Tube

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 15

Mutant Bacteria Cell

Combine a Bacteria cell with a Turbulent Juice Tube.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 16

Dark Energy Ball

Combine a Fleeb with a Bacteria Cell.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 17

Dark Matter Ball

Combine a Dark Energy Ball with a Turbulent Juice Tube.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 18


Combine a Battery with Circuit Board and a Cable.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 19

Dog Collar

Combine a Cable with a Tin Can.

pocket morty crafting recpies list

Pocket Mortys Recipe 20

Love Potion

Combine a purified Fleeb with a Mutant Bacteria Cell.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 21


Combine a Super charged battery with a Motherboard.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 22

Butter Robot

Combine a Robot with a Tin Can.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 23

Gwendolyn Doll

Combine a Robot with a Love Potion.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 24

Time Crystal

Combine a Purified Fleeb with a Dark Energy Ball.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 25

Time Stabilising Collar

Combine a Time Crystal and a Dog Collar.

Pocket Mortys Recipe 26

Interdimensional Cable Box

Combine a Supercharged battery with a MotherBoard and a Time Crystal.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 27

Neutrino Bomb

Combine a Supercharged battery with a Motherboard and a Dark Energy Ball.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 28

Interdimensional Goggles

Combine a Supercharged Battery with a Time Crystal and a Tin Can.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 29

IQ Enhancing Helmet

Combine a Supercharged Battery with a MotherBoard and a Turbulent Tube Juice.

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Pocket Mortys Recipe 30

Roy VR Headset

Combine the Interdimensional Goggles with the IQ Enhancing Helmet.

pocet morty recipes guide

These are the 30 recipes.Craft your recipe without trying to make own and make your Mortys strong enough.

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