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Hello, friends, this is our new article regarding the Pocket Morty Recipe. In this article, I am going to share the information about Pocket Marty Recipe and How to Play Pocket Morty Recipes. I hope this is helpful for those who are searching for the Pocket Mortys Recipe. It is an awesome game for all. Here you can know the full information about Pocket Morty Recipe. It is a Rick and Morty theme, role playing game printed by the Adult swims games and developed by large component studios.


Pocket Morty Recipes, Crafting Guide Tricks Cheats

If you are looking for the Pocket Morty Recipe, then you came to the correct place for knowing about the full information of the Pocket Morty Guide and Pocket Mortey cheat tricks. Below we can give the information about Pocket Morty Recipe and how to play it. This game is free to play, and it has been launched on the 13th January 2016. The Pocket Morty is the simulation game which is so popular that it has more than 77000 downloads. On the app store and the game is rated as 4.5 stars. The Pocket Morty game is very fresh and addictive. The Game is based on the Pokemon video game series. It was engaged to be released on 14th January.

How to Play Pocket Mortys

We are going to update you how to play Morty’s game, it is straightforward and getting the entertainment players can use their Mortys to fight and battle with the other Mortys. Throughout the match, the players control the Rick. In Rick’s garage, the game starts when the mysterious Rick enters through the portal and challenge the players to the Monty battle. Once you defeated, the player should exit the portal which takes them to the Council of Ricks, where their portal gun is confiscated. The six head Ricks must be defeated to get back. To fight with the player must first fight Ricks from the other dimensions and acquire their badges. Once the player defeats, then the last council member turns out to be replaced by the Mysterious Rick, who captured the entire board.

Pocket Morty’s

Now we are going to update the Pocket Morty’s Recipe list and how to play the Morty guide. The concept of this game has been taken from the Pokemon franchise. The primary object of this game to collect the Mortys, fight or battle others and earn badges. The rick and the Morty universe are an infinite multiverse Justin Roiland decided that the Pocket Morty can be considered canon. The Badges are awarded after defeating the Ricks, and they are the primary indication of the progress in this game. These markers are needed to battle with the council member Ricks.

How-to-play-pocket-morty-recpies-game Play-Pocket-Morty-Recipes Download-Pocket-Morty-Game Pocket-Morty-Crafting-Guide Pocket-Morty-Badge Pocket-Morty-Guide

The maximum of five Mortys can follow the Rick at any time. The Morty day care will tour the other Morty in the player possession. The two Mortys which are same can be combined to evolve into the new version. The new Morty level can be decided by the level of two Morty’s combined. The game has Total 30+ recipes.

Bootcamp has added the Morty day care on the 1.6 update. Only 3 Bootcamps are available

  • Level 10+ award. 350 XP and lasts 24 hours
  • Level 25+ award. 2000 XP and lasts 48 hours
  • Level 50+ award. 7000 XP and lasts 72 hours

The expansion in the game with the update of 1.4 which is called Morty games. Through the series of battle events, the Morty games and the further story of the match. At the end of the prize is the Morty unavailable anywhere else in the match.

The Morty’s are available for the 3 categories:

  • Rock
  • Paper
  • Scissors

The Rock has the advantage over Scissor, Scissors over the paper has advantages over Rock. Only three exceptions are not categorized which are:

  • Morty
  • Morticia
  • Cronenberg Morty

List of Trainers For Pocket Morty’s Recipes

  • Council of Ricks
  •  Maximums Rickimus
  • Quantum Rick
  • Rick Prime
  • Ricktiminus Sancheziminius
  •  Riq IV
  •  Zeta Alpha Rick
  • Mysterious Rick (Replaces Riq IV)

Trainer Ricks Pocket Morty’s Recipes

Grateful Rick
Happy Rick
Hopeful Rick
Insightful Rick
Junk Yard Rick
Lab Rick
Miami Rick
Mustache Rick
Mumbling Rick
Mysterious Rick
Novelist Rick
Novice Rick

Guard Rick(s)
Revengeful Rick
Robot Rick

Shibuya Rick
Shopaholic Rick
Storage Rick
Super Fan Rick
Surgeon Rick
The Scientist Known as Rick
Zero Rick

Other Trainers 

 Baloogie Mellow
 Blerg
 Bluu
 Flargo
 Flipperdee Fluflops
 Gagigabber
 Gloop
 Gobpa
 Goobagobaga
 Humox 5
 Jerry Smith
 Masy Kallerax
 Prax
 Priix
 Shmupiedoop
 Snisserchoops
 Snoofy Snooples
 Toopee
 Tuuie Tumtops
 Wimpeebax
 Xqutoopikk
 Zannabox

Attacks For Pocket Morty Recipes

pocket morty game has a lot of attacks . we are update total information about attacks for pocket morty recipes

 Attack Name  AP  Type  Power  Accuracy 
100% Cotton 8 Scissors 100 95%
Absorb 18 Defense (Self) Weak 95%
Ant Bite 5 Rock 115 95%
Ascend 8 120 95%
Attention 5 Attack (Self)Defense (Self)

Speed (Self)

Accuracy (Self)







Aura 10 Attack (Self) Strong 95%
Beam 8 100 95%
Belch 18 Accuracy (Self) Weak 95%
Blind Swing 8 75 90%
Blink 12 Accuracy (Self) Medium 95%
Blitz 5 Accuracy (Self) Weak140 100%20%
Blood Pressure 10 Attack (Self) Strong 95%
Blood Suck 5 AbsorbPoison (Self)


Poison (Self)


Poison (Self)








Blow Dry 8 Scissors 75 95%
Blue Spray 8 Paper 70 95%
Brain Freeze 5 120 95%
Brand 12 Paper 55 95%
Bunt 8 95 95%
Dig 10 65 95%
Drop Out 10 Rock 65 95%
Flail 10 65 95%
Hug 12 Paper 55 95%
Lift 10 55 95%
Melt 10 Scissors 50 95%
Mind Rage 8 Scissors 80 95%
Nail 8 Rock 80 95%
Neutralise 10 60 95%
Nibble 10 Scissors 45 95%
Ouija 8 80 95%
Outburst 12 50 95%
Plasma Burst 10 65 95%
Poke 12 Rock 45 95%
Rush 8 100 95%
Slam 12 Rock 45 95%
Solidify 12 Rock 50 95%
Spar 10 Rock 55 95%
Stone Gaze 8 70 95%
Swing 8 90 95%
Transplant 8 Scissors 92 95%


Certian NPCs will appear while at the Citadel of Ricks with quetion mark over their heads.A vague request for a craftable item will be made if you talk to them.Player  has to determine NPC wants what item,craft it and give it to them.Quess will become available only if the player has recieved lot of trophies.

Items and Pocket Mortys Crafting Recipes

 Blips and Chitz Coupon
 Bacteria Cell
 Battery
 Cable
 Circuit Board
 Courier Flap
 Fleeb
 Morty Manipulator Chip
 Morty Token
 Mr Meeseeks Box
 Serum
 Great Serum
 Sensational Serum
 Schmeckle
 Pure Serum
 Plutonic Rock
 Pure Plutonic Rock
 Halzinger
 Pure Halzinger
 Level Up Mega Seed
 Attack Mega Seed
 Defense Mega Seed
 Speed Mega Seed
 Supercharged Battery
 Pure Curum
 Paralyze Cure
 Poison Cure
 Microverse Battery
 Purified Fleeb
 Mutant Bacteria Cell
 Dark Energy Ball
 Dark Matter Ball
 Motherboard
 Dog Collar
 Love Potion
 Robot
 Butter Robot
 Gwendolyn Doll
 Time Crystal
 Time-Stabilizing Collar
 Tin Can
 Turbulent Juice Tube
 Interdimensional Cable Box
 Neutrino Bomb
 Interdimensional Goggles
 IQ Enhancing Helmet
 Roy VR Headset

More Information : Pocket Morty Guide 

Pocket Morty Recipes List

Pocket Morty Game is awesome for all gaming lovers. pocket morty game has a 30 recipes available in this game. here we updated pocket morty recipes list given.

  • Serum (Heals 20HP)
  • Green Serum (Heals 50Hp)
  • Great Serum (Heals 50HP)
  • Sensational Serum (heals 200HP)
  • Pure Serum (Heals all health)
  • Plutonic Rock (recovers half ap for attacks)
  • Pure Plutonic Rock (Restores full ap to all attacks )
  • Halzinger (restores a dazed morty to half health)
  • Pure Halzinger (Restores dazed morty to health)
  • level up mega seed (instantly increases any morty’s level

If you want to total details for pocket morty recipes go this link it is very help for who are searching for the pocket morty recipes list and guide much more

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